Planning Your Portions for a Fall Diet

With summer passed and gone, we begrudgingly return back to

work and back to school and start the routine once again. Unfortunat

ely, a lot of us have gained back weight that we lost prior to the summer vacation after enjoying a few too many mojitos and beers on the beach. At this point, you have one of two choices. Either begin indulging in winter and fall comfort foods, happy in the knowledge that you don’t need to sport a t-shirt and shorts till next summer and slowly regain all the weight you lost. Or you can start to get your body back to its best shape and form to be fit before the new year and on track for next summer.


What is the best way to learn how to eat sensibly?

The best way to do this is to start watching your diet and using the latest strategies in health and weight loss to do so. One of the most prominent and successful diets of 2016 is a nutrition component of the 21 day fix weight loss program by Autumn Calabrese. In using portion control containers, you can learn and become accustomed to regular size portions of foods. In this way, you won’t over eat. The 21 day fix containers have different colors that correspond with each food group. Yellow is for carbs, red for proteins, green for vegetables, purple for fruits and so forth. You will also eat healthy fats that will be placed in blue containers and salad dressings and various healthy oils that will be placed in orange containers.

Do you need to exercise to lose weight?

If you are committed to following the nutrition plan and using the containers for the 21 day fix, you’ll lose weight without hesitation. And by combining the nutrition component of this plan with exercise, you’ll lose even more weight. There are over six different exercise videos that you will follow on a day to day basis to go along with the three week long program. The workouts will target each area of your body including your arms, upper body and lower body. There are also several fat burning and cardio based workouts that will help train you to be able to workout at your maximum potential.

How fast can I expect to lose weight with this program?

You might expect incredible results after just a week of pushing through the program and many do achieve these, but if not, don’t fear because you WILL lose weight steadily, you just need to be consistent with the program. Start eating sensibly and eating health unprocessed foods. Drink plenty of water on a daily basis. And do your thirty minute workout each day all while using the 21 day fix containers to help you assess your eating habits and learn about proper portion control.